One of the greatest gifts that you or I can give to the world is to own a healthy soul.  While we may each be born as a blank slate – a tabula rasa – the life experiences of each individual have a profound effect on who we are and how we interact with the world around us.  Our relationships are profoundly affected, either for the better or for the worse, by a lifetime of accumulated memories and our learned responses to various situations.

As a professional Christian counselor since 1993 who bases therapy on Biblical principles, it has been proven to me hundreds of times that people who live in harmony with a traditional Judeo-Christian world-view enjoy healthier relationships, more fulfilling careers, more wholesome thought-lives, and deeper emotions that accurately correspond to their circumstances.  Those who have violated these Natural Laws of living in one way or another have suffered in different ways.

There are several means of obtaining this significant goal of owning a healthy soul.  While it remains a process that will not be perfected in this lifetime, it is the most worthwhile goal that a person can hope to achieve.

Constraining ones world-view to comply with Scripture is paramount.  Whereas the skeptical adult will come to the Word of God with a naturally critical and self-preserving attitude, something profound occurs when the reader chooses to yield his or her sovereignty to God while learning and assimilating the passages.  While this will often feel risky or dangerous (perhaps because it is reasonable to dread interacting with a perfect God who knows everything about us) one quickly learns that this God greatly prefers to have a relationship with us which is redemptive and joyful.  We learn that the quality of our relationship with God is dependent on our choices.

To establish the goal of fostering healthy relationships with others is another key step in our growth.  Each of us is surrounded with people who influence us in various ways.  It’s a part of life to filter out the negative influences and open ourselves (prudently and carefully) to those we perceive to have our best interests at heart.  It is also a part of life that we will experience the pain of being disappointed or flatly harmed when others let us down in one way or another.

However, the risk that we all take when sharing deeply with another person can be greatly minimized when that counselor is naturally-gifted, well-trained, and acting in a professional capacity entirely for the benefit of the person seeking help.


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